After operations

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Every operation represents a burden for the body. Wobenzym helps speed up regeneration after the OP.

Why do complaints arise after the OP?

The aim of an operation is generally therapy, i.e. to eliminate physical complaints. Nevertheless, during the period immediately afterwards, the patient often to a greater extent experiences pain and limited mobility. The cause of this may sound paradoxical but is actually obvious: an operation represents a deliberate injury to the body.

To reach internal structures, surgeons must open up entry points which they must then reclose. Although sutures and clamps assist in this, knitting together of the layers of skin and tissue is nevertheless achieved by the body itself.

In addition, during an operation, pressure is often applied to tissue to make room around the actual operating area or because, for example, dislocated or broken bones need to be pushed back into their intended position. This may lead to swelling and bruising if blood vessels are damaged during this process.

The body’s immune system reacts to these “deliberate injuries” by triggering inflammation. This bundles immune complexes at the affected site and thereby promotes the healing process. (You can find out more about inflammation in general here.) Initially, however, the inflammation intensifies the complaints because it aggravates the swelling and thus raises the pressure on the nerves in the surrounding tissue.

How do enzymes help with healing after an operation?

Inflammation is controlled by cytokines: messenger substances of the body that, for example, stimulate the production of antibodies. There are cytokines that promote inflammation (proinflammatory) and others that inhibit inflammation (anti-inflammatory). In inflammation, these two types of cytokine are in imbalance.

The enzymes in Wobenzym restore the equilibrium of these messenger substances. (You can find out more about the mechanism of action here and more about the constituents of Wobenzym here.) Harmful substances are broken down more rapidly, and the provision of immune cells to the site to be healed is improved. In this way, the natural healing process takes place more effectively and in a more targeted manner and takes less time. The pain associated with healing subsequently abates more quickly.

* als Folge von Verletzungen und verschleißbedingten Gelenkentzündungen (aktivierten Arthrosen)